About Us 

We're Mike and Rachel - just two people who love to embark on life's journey. Becoming a tourist is simple, but becoming a local is how you truly understand different cultures. We are all neighbors on this beautifully diverse Earth, so let's not be strangers. Contact us, interact with us and don't be afraid to be yourself. We are The Locals.

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About Us

Hey, I'm Rachel, and welcome to our website! We wanted to introduce ourselves a little more, so that you can fully understand our travel experiences and our life! I grew up traveling around the United States learning about all of the regions' cultures and loving every second of it. So, when I was 13 I decided to travel abroad to Europe, and the travel bug bit even harder. Since then, I've sought out every opportunity to learn more and to travel more. As of now, I have lived abroad in Germany and Australia and have visited a total of 26 countries (and counting).


The most important part of traveling to me is getting to know people from all over the world and understanding their cultures. There's so much hate and discrimination in this world, and I truly believe that travel is the only way to solve it. Traveling also makes you a more confident and happy person because it forces you

out of your comfort zone (too far out sometimes) ensuring that you know how to be alone and deal with tough situations without any backup. 

With regards to this website, I have always dreamed of having a travel blog because I want people to be able to experience and see the world through my eyes. I'm at my best when I travel, and I know not everyone is completely comfortable traveling or maybe just can't get out into the world right now. So, by sharing my experiences and stories, I hope to encourage people to fully dive into a country and to not be scared about going off the beaten path. Have the confidence to be not just a tourist, but a local.

Hello, my name is Mike. Born and raised in the rolling hills of Sonoma County, California. Wine country was a great place to grow up. It took me a while to admire the location that I was raised in. I consider myself a modern minimalist meaning that I believe that life should be enjoyed with as little materials as possible. The necessities of life are important for us all to understand. My purpose with this website is to not just tell you about our journeys, but to also show you that anyone can do these things in life not just the rich and famous. My intentions are to show how much I enjoy my life, even the little aspects, and to show you how great your life is as well. I know I enjoy this, I hope you can too.