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New Hampshire: A Birthday Getaway

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Weekends are the only time you have to yourself in the work world. Time waits for no one, and it feels like it flashes before your eyes only for you to suddenly end up at a cubical from 9 to 5. Weekend getaways are totally unbearable if you treat the vacation like it only begins when you're finally there. The trip was half the fun in our journey to New Hampshire. We were constantly on the edge of our seats (in and out of the car) as we had a sudden hospital visit concluding our visit.

The ability to make getting there half the fun is an absolute talent and essential to weekend getaways. Due to the limited time, a good percentage of traveling was our vacation. It just so happened to be my 21st birthday during this drive, and we had to stop off at a liquor store. The liquor store of choice was on the border of New Hampshire, which is famous for their alcohol being tax free. I searched for my favorite beer, Lagunitas IPA, but unfortunately they didn't sell beer at that liquor store. This led me to buy my first bottle of wine on the spot, so that I didn't leave empty handed.

After another hour on the road, we arrived at our campsite, White Lake State Park. The sun had already set, so we had to set our tents up as dusk was turning to complete dark. The humid forest air became chilly as the sun crept below the tree line as we continued to set up the campsite by the light of a solar lantern. We then decided to scavenge for local fire wood that had dried up on the ground. This turned out to be harder than we bargained for considering it had raining for the last several days. After several minutes of lighting and relighting with plenty of lighter fluid, the fire flared up and smoke intruded the crisp air. Before we even knew it, the fire was hot enough for cooking. Then we roasted the turkey dogs over the flames until there was a crisp shell with a juicy center. As we dug into our dinner we brought out our freshly bought wines to celebrate life and ya know, thin the blood, for health reasons (obviously).

In the morning, the sun shot up quickly without hesitation. I fixed up a fire almost immediately to start making some breakfast. By noon the sun was no stranger to us as it continued to get warmer and warmer. Thankfully we were already heading to a water fall called Diane's bath. However, I called it Mikey's Bath because I refused to take a shower at a camp site. The freezing cold water fall fell so perfectly over the smooth rocks that I could've laid there all day. Hundreds of people lined the water fall as I cracked a beer and cheered my buddy next to me as we sat in the falls with water flowing under my thighs and twisting around my legs. No one dared to enter Diane's bath because of its stone cold river flow. This only tempted me more as we plunged our entire bodies in and trekked the entire waterfall looking for volunteers to join us on this plunge. We persuaded another group to join our water ritual as we dived in as a group of eight while the girls (Rachel and my buddy's girlfriend) lay sun bathing on a rock towards the water basin.

We eventually grew exhausted because freezing water will tire you out, and all of our stomachs were starting to rumble. Naturally, we looked for a local place to eat where we found the most cars with New Hampshire license plates parked outside. This is usually my rule of thumb that if locals eat there, then it must be decent food. New Hampshire’s country side has mastered cooking meats as a means of protein and survival, so all the food turned out amazing as each of our plates had some sort of meat present.

Then we were off to camp. The sun was still peaking over the trees and the sky was still stunningly blue. Children were playing all over the camp ground, yet the woods maintained the peace of mind of almost silent and relaxed. Until Rachel walked up in tears and said “we need to go to the hospital.” This caused us to grab very little and head out.

We sped through the stretched roads of New Hampshire’s country side. Each rolling hill caused us leave our seats at the peak of every hill. There was an enormous amount of space in between everything allowing everyone to have the sense of individuality. No need to be in each other’s business, fore there was plenty of space to breathe. The narrow highway was a simple two-lane road, and no one was in sight for our 45-minute journey to the hospital. Even the hospital parking lot was nearly empty. There were no cars parked next to each other. Even the waiting room for the Emergency room had plenty of space. There were no lines as though the town was nearly abandoned. We were helped immediately and with no hassle. Not even 5 minutes later we were in a room and receiving help. After getting diagnosed, we were able to leave in less than 90 minutes with a prescription in hand.

We reunited with our friends back at the campsite in a timely manner as if nothing had ever happened. We got back before they even had the chance to get back from their walk. The sun was now beginning to set, and sky’s color was fading as the stars began to peak out. Once it was dark, we started the fire, gathered around it before finally heading off to bed.

The next morning, we were ready to head home. We packed up early and topped off our water bottles with my Sawyer water filter for the road. The scenic drive allowed for us to extend our vacation till the very end. Getting there was truly half the fun. New Hampshire is an absolute site to see. However, please be cautious in this area to not ruin your surroundings. The beauty of this place is astonishing. Everywhere you go, you will be impressed. Until next time, New Hampshire.

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