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Wagyu Beef - Moo

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Vegans and vegetarians, I'm really sorry - you do you. Meat eaters, you'll enjoy this article. So, what is Wagyu beef? Wagyu simply means Japanese cow, and the reason so many people love it is because of intra-muscular fat that creates a stronger flavor and an interwoven appearance called marbling. Also, since the meat is finer than most, it almost melts in your mouth.

Enough of culinary class though, I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite burger joints. Which also leads me to the title... I'm not trying to make a terrible pun... the place is actually called Moo, and it's in Sydney, Australia. I think one of the main reasons I love this restaurant so much is because it gave me a little taste of home. Growing up in the southern US, I had cookouts at my house all the time where everyone would come over for burgers, and we'd all go swimming and make homemade ice cream. While studying abroad in Australia for a year, I adjusted completely to their dietary style, but every once in a while I'd wish I was back in the US digging into a fat, juicy, cheeseburger that my dad had just flipped right off the grill. This is where I went to comfort myself, and where I went if I just wanted a genuinely fantastic burger.

Another fantastic feature of this restaurant is the view, the location I visited (almost constantly) was in Manly, Australia just a quick ferry ride north of Sydney. Their other location sits on Bondi Beach, the most well-known beach in the area that is east of downtown Sydney. Both locations are easily accessible, and perfect for lunch at the beach or dinner before heading home from a surf day. The Manly Beach location has the perfect view of the ocean as it sits on the third floor of a building just across the street from the beach. There's a balcony that opens up towards the water (as seen in the right-side picture above) allowing for not only awesome food pics but a cool breeze and a good vibe. The sunsets here, though not facing where the sun actually sets, are just as beautiful with the fading colors reflecting off the water and any clouds left in the sky.

These burgers aren't just your regular McDonalds burger ('Maccas' for all the Aussie's out there). Moo is a gourmet burger chain, so they source almost all of their meat and toppings locally. Australia is also very big on buying local, so you can trust that all of their ingredients are as fresh as possible. Every burger that I've tried there, was absolutely phenomenal which says a lot considering I'm American. Their menu features several Wagyu burgers topped with Tasmanian brie, caramelized onions, or whatever you request, on a perfectly made brioche bun. They have mini-burgers for kids, or sliders if you're looking for more of a bite-sized meal. And, if you feel like branching out, they also serve Kangaroo burgers! Any good Australian restaurant has to have some sort of alcohol, and Moo honestly stepped up the game with this one. They have a cocktail called 'Cow in Mud' which is basically any shake lovers alcoholic dream come true. It's made of a milkshake (local milk, so it's creamy and fresh), Baileys, and Frangelico topped off with a favorite of mine, a Tim Tam! Tim Tams are a basically a chocolate wafer cookie with a fluffier frosting in the middle, but also coated with chocolate on the outside too. I promise you the combo is deadly and sipped down with a wagyu burger on the side, life can't get any better.

Instagram, so you all can keep craving: https://www.instagram.com/moogb/

Their website for photo credit: https://www.moogourmetburgers.com.au/menu/